Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What's Cookin, Good Lookin?


We're pregnant!!!

Two year's ago, Hubs and I were told by a fertility specialist that we had a less than one percent chance of having kids.  This both confirmed our suspicions (after six years of no birth control) and broke our hearts.  

Yet, at the same time it became our catalyst to get healthy and revolutionize our lifestyles. 

I think Hubs and i would both agree that we wouldn't trade these past two years. I personally, love my new-found energy and enthusiasm. My entire demeanor and outlook on life changed alongside my body.

Now I am embarking on a whole new adventure... Motherhood.  My body is changing again and I have to admit, it had me a bit freaked out at first (and still whenever I look into a mirror). I don't want to revert back to who I was before. My greatest comfort is that I know I got fit once, so I know I am capable of doing it again.  And another huge plus is that this time around I will get to do it while pushing a jogging stroller with little Baby Case cheering me on.

Three cheers and a shout for our awesome God whose timing can sometimes be a bit confusing, but who is always faithful and loves us beyond compare.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

This is what happens when I miss the train

So I missed the train tonight and was left with 30 minutes of blank time to spend sitting in Caribou Coffee. You know how Caribou's normally have a chalkboard wall posing a new question every week? This week's question in my local Caribou is "What are you looking forward to this Spring?"

Here are my thoughts on that question (reflected on while sipping a raspberry Northern Lite Latte):

I'm looking forward to learning the ins and outs of my new job as Events Coordinator.

I'm looking forward to traveling (for work and fun).

I'm looking forward to green grass and leaves.

I'm looking forward to not wearing tights everyday.

I'm looking forward to iced coffee season.

I'm looking forward to seeing my flowers, especially my newly planted lilacs.

I'm looking forward to painting the garage doors (because they look so bad in the dreary winter sludge).

I'm looking forward to running outside and not freezing.

And lastly...

I'm looking forward to riding my bike to work.